Cognitive Context Detection With Tensorflow

In previous projects, I demonstrated how to implement a Neural Network from start to finish using only home-made functions written in both Matlab and Python. I’ve uploaded a Tensorflow implementation for the sake of comparison (note that this was written pre-Keras, Tensorflow code can now be written much more intuitively using Keras wrappers). I’ve concluded that Tensorflow offers increased productivity in the form of quicker-to-write code and faster training times. The optimization functions that TF offers are great, and allowed me to train my models in a fraction of the time that Matlab or Python+Numpy in conjunction with the GPU acceleration capabilities. Comparing the two files MatlabResults in the Matlab Implementation and TensorflowResults in this repo demonstrate the notable accuracy improvements that Tensorflow offers as well.

Key Concepts: Tensorflow, Python (Numpy/Scipy/Matplotlib/Pandas), Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Data Science