Side Project - Analyzing All Los Angeles Parking Violations from 2018


With a bit of free time this weekend, I decided to do some hobby coding in Python, which I’ve presented here as a Jupyter Notebook with an interactive map and some interesting visualizations extracted from the data. The point of this side project is to create a map of LA according to parking tickets received from last year (2018) and to produce some helpful visualizations/gain some insights. I want to start with the full dataset (~9-million x 19, saved as a .csv > 1gb) to gain more experience handling large .csv files that are cumbersome to work with in Python unless processed in batches (especially when you don’t have much RAM available). (Note: as os 2020 I’d have done this in Spark rather than Pandas to take advantage of its distributed computing features and excellent dataframe implementation).

Key Concepts: Python (Numpy/Matplotlib/Pandas/Folium(Mapping Package)), Jupyter Notebooks, Data Science, Big Data